Appeal Insurance Claims

Posted in October 2016 by Dana Ellis

Are you having trouble getting your claims paid due to your provider specialty but are licensed in your state as a recognized physician to perform the services?  Are you sick of being discriminated against for services covered on the patients plan?  Lets end the war against denials of non coverage for not a recognized physician!  Don't have time to appeal your denied claims?  Call us today as we specialize in getting recognized licensed physicians paid for services that are typically covered on the patients plan for providers such as NDs/NMDs to be paid just like other provider types performing the same or similar medically necessary services.  We recognize you!

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  • "First Choice Medical Billing has been such a great company to work with. Dana and Rachel take a personal approach in handling each and every claim that they bill out."
  • The decision to move billing out of my office was one of the happiest moments in my practice!! While it could be handled in office, not having the stress of dealing with denied / improperly paid claims is massive and worth every penny.


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