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I grew up in Southern California and relocated to Northern California after college. I met my best friend and now husband of 27 years and have three brilliant boys.

I found my passion when I was homeschooling my children, and that was medical billing. I worked for a medical practice consulting firm working from home doing medical billing. I chuckle now when I look back and remember my children mimicking me, "I want to check the status of a claim".

I was so involved and wanted to do more for doctors and patients. At that time I knew the best way for me to do that would be to go out on my own, move into an office and hire staff. It has now been just under two decades.

We are very passionate about the work we do. For my staff and I, it is all about helping doctors, staff, and patients get through all the confusion of insurance and streamline the process.

We know the impact of assertive billing vs. the company/person who is done once the claims are sent to the carrier.

We don't take every client that calls, sometimes outsourced billing is not the solution for that practice and we have no qualms about stating that when speaking to a new client. If we don't think outsourcing is in the best interests of the client, then we brainstorm with them to help them find out what will work.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions, or if you just need help deciding what is best for your practice.

Dana Ellis
Dana Ellis, CEO

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  • First Choice Medical Billing is by far the engine that allows EV Chiropractic to run. These people are not only incredibly gifted at what they do, but they have your back at all times the same way that best friends do.
  • The decision to move billing out of my office was one of the happiest moments in my practice!! While it could be handled in office, not having the stress of dealing with denied / improperly paid claims is massive and worth every penny.


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