Dr. Angela Kowalczyk's Testimonial

EV Chiropractic - Dr. Angela Kowalczyk, D.C.
First Choice Medical Billing is by far the engine that allows EV Chiropractic to run. These people are not only incredibly gifted at what they do, but they have your back at all times the same way that best friends do. I cannot describe the gratitude I have towards this company, especially Dana and Rachael, as they continuously go above and beyond for their clients. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with them for over 8 years and it has been a pleasure and a joy. I truly recommend this company both for its exceptional work but also for its sincere care for its clients.

Dr. Angela Kowalczyk, AZ

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  • Dana has been a blessing to me with billing all my insurance patients. She stays current with the changes of insurance, and gives good sound advice on how to navigate through these changes. Her ethics are of high caliber and I appreciate her readiness to work with my small practice and get me paid. I recommend her to any and all of my colleagues.
  • The decision to move billing out of my office was one of the happiest moments in my practice!! While it could be handled in office, not having the stress of dealing with denied / improperly paid claims is massive and worth every penny.


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