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Posted in September 2015 by Dana Ellis

It is finally here!

With two years of preparation, studying, classes, seminars, updates, upgrades, etc, etc its time to relax and embrace the change.  We are excited to implement the change.

ICD9 is outdated and was not meeting the needs of physicians.  ICD10 offers higher specificity providing more detailed diagnosis to the payers which could in turn generate higher reimbursement. 

If you did not implement a plan for ICD10 and are having trouble please contact us and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.


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United Healthcare Denying 98943 with the -51 modifier

Posted in July 2014 by Dana Ellis

Recently United Healthcare has begun denying CPT code 98943 when appended with a -51 modifier.

After some investigation, we found that United Healthcare performed a system update which has caused the denial of claims filed with the CPT code 98943 with a -51 modifier. The ultimate impact has just begun for those providers who have continued to use that code with the -51 modifier.

The only remedy is to submit a corrected claim after removing the -51 modifier.

In the meantime we recommend that all providers carefully watch their EOB’s (Explanation of Benefit’s) for the denial of this CPT code. 

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