Tracy Wooten's Testimonial

- Tracy Wooten, NMD
I have been using First Choice Medical Billing for over 8 years. I am thoroughly please with their service and professional help. Dana and Rachael are very efficient and thorough with my insurance billing. They also have been very patient and informative with my billing questions and provide ongoing customer service support. They answer questions in a timely manner and educate me on billing procedures. They have and will prepare you with advance notice on changes with insurance billing and other services. I am so glad I am a client of FCM, their services has helped my practice grow into what it is today. They are persistent with insurance companies for reimbursement, as they don't leave money on the table. I have seen great return on my investment using them.

Tracy Wooten, AZ

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  • I have been using First Choice Medical Billing for over 8 years
  • The decision to move billing out of my office was one of the happiest moments in my practice!! While it could be handled in office, not having the stress of dealing with denied / improperly paid claims is massive and worth every penny.


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